Shipping and Delivery

You have three options for receiving your order.

The first is, of course, shipping. You can choose your shipping option when you check out. I’m always looking to keep the shipping costs down whenever possible, so if shipping seems a little high, it’s likely because of the weight of the item(s) you are ordering. I’m paying close attention to shipping prices because I think we would all prefer to use shipping whenever we can (it’s easy, right?).

The second is local pickup. The E&M Wood Shop is run out of my home in Germantown, WI, not far off of Pilgrim Road. If you can make that drive or will be passing through, local pickup is a great choice because, well, it’s free.

I’m not far from the intersection of Pilgrim Road and Mequon Road in Germantown.

The third is a delivery or meetup. You’ll notice that this option does not cost anything when you place your order, but it is not free. With this option, we will negotiate a location and then I will charge you a delivery fee. I don’t have a delivery driver – it’s just me – so there are limitations on when I can do it.

  • With very few exceptions, deliveries and meetups are scheduled for Fridays.
  • Once we agree on a location, or we agree that I will deliver to your home, I will send you an invoice for the fee. Generally, this fee will be between $10-$20, depending on the location. If you’re an hour away, then the fee will be more. We will discuss that.
  • The delivery or meetup fee will need to be paid before the scheduled meetup or I will have to delay it.

So, how long does it take to build the order?

Most shelving pieces are built and finished in approximately two weeks’ time. Larger pieces could take longer. Custom orders, of course, will depend on the scope and be determined on an individual basis.